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No matter what program your school selects we can adapt or change to suit your needs.

Tabloid Sports Spectacular

An EXTREMELY intense whole school warm up immediately engages every single student. The ENERGY LEVELS of the students will rise as the colour and noise turns even the quietest pupil into dancing, chanting SUPERSTARS!

The students beam with EXCITEMENT from start to finish as we keep them ENGAGED with unique activities, competitions and a fast paced program that leaves EVERYONE EXHAUSTED (except the teachers).

SENIOR SCHOOL LEADERS guide and assist their multi age group throughout the event, leaving 75% of the teachers to roam and enjoy the festivities.

Duration: 90 minutes   Cost: from $6 +GST

Olympic Games Extravaganza

It’s every country for themselves as they take part in either the Olympic or Commonwealth Games. The tone is set for this event as FLAG BEARERS wave giant flags while teams chant their lungs out searching for the 1st gold medals of the day.

A LIVE MEDAL TALLY creates a competitive and fun atmosphere. A dramatic OPENING CEREMONY takes place complete with lighting the flame

As with our Tabloid event the students rotate through UNIQUE ACTIVITIES. This event keeps everyone motivated to the last second as only one country will go home with a GOLD MEDAL around their neck.

Duration: 2 Hours   Cost: from $8 +GST

Small, Medium or Huge Enrolment…


Outdoor, Indoor or a Mixture…


Morning, Afternoon or Evening…



Our focus is to get every single student at your school enjoying being active from start to finish.